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Years of playing professionally at the highest level have taught me the importance of having a well structured training system. One that incorporates all aspects of the game. Speed and Strength, while vital, are only one side of the game. Technique is the foundation of every great footballer. When combined with solid mental power, a desire to improve, and a balanced nutrition anyone can see massive growth in their game. We at Goluremi strive to provide every young aspiring footballer the tools they need to make that happen.
No Stress Midwest
No Stress Midwest is a technical soccer training business that offers a unique approach to training the current soccer athlete specializing with the youth/amateur athlete. It is unfair the amount of pressure that is put on the youth player between club soccer, high school, getting into college, wanting to have a social life, etc. and in most cases, they end up resenting the game and the people that they associate with it. At No Stress Midwest, we want to show our clients that you can have fun while still getting better and by creating unique training environments customized to the player, we feel that not only are we able to get the most out of the individual by creating a No Stress environment", we are also teaching them fundamentals that they can carry off the field and apply in their life.
Sporting Kansas City
Sporting KC Youth Soccer is committed to inspiring and uniting communities through the sport of soccer by providing personalized experiences with Sporting Club in Kansas City and across the Midwest.