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  • Players MAY NOT wear shinguards!


  • Sand socks optional

Authorized footwear includes bare feet, cotton socks taped to ankles, elastic ankle and/or foot wraps, and commercially manufactured sand socks. 


Other commercial beach socks with soft soles are authorized.


The referees shall require removal of any footwear which is deemed unsafe for competition. (The critical safety issue is the stiffness of the soles which may harm opponent legs and feet.)


Team Uniforms


Uniforms shall consist of a Thunder Beach team T-shirts with a pair of shorts or jeans (long pants).


Team T-Shirts


Team players are required to purchase one (1) team t-shirt per year at a cost of $10 per shirt. Team t-shirts are the players to keep.

When the team coach (Youth) or the team captain (adults) registers, they will select a team t-shirt color for their team shirt from the colors offered by Thunder Beach. Teams registering early will get their choice of color first. Teams registering later will have to choose a shirt color from the remaining team t-shirt colors.


When each player registers they will simply put down their t-shirt size and that will be the size of the team t-shirt that players will receive prior to their first game.


Teams may not wear anything other then Thunder Beach authorized league t-shirts for games. If a player does not wear a team t-shirt to a game, the parent or guardian will have to leave identification to get a pullover penny so the player may participate in the game. 


Players may only use a pullover penny twice during the season after which that same player will become ineligible to participate in any further games until such time as that player gets a Thunder Beach sand soccer program team-colored shirt issued for that year.

Is the t-shirt color guaranteed?


When assigning colors to teams we will do our best to assign your team's preference. Often times, many teams in the same league will select the same color (it happens more than you think), so register your team early. Color preference is given based on when teams sign up for the league, the earlier the better.  First come first served.


When is the t-shirt ordering deadline?


We have a registration deadline each season, that deadline is also the same deadline to order your shirt. If you register AFTER the deadline then you will not receive a shirt at the beginning of the season. We cannot change our shirt order once it has been submitted so please make sure all of your teammates are signed up by the deadline so we can include them in the shirt order.


Players who do not wear their Thunder Beach t-shirt will have to wear a Thunder Beach penny. A parent must leave a form of identification with a Thunder Beach staff member to receive the participation penny. The ID will be returned to the parent when the piney is turned in after the Game.


Each player on an official team roster will receive a league-issued shirt at the start of the Season. The shirt must be worn and visible during each and every game of the Season. Players who forget their league shirt or wear an illegally altered shirt (see below) to the game will be made to wear a penny in order to participate in the game.

Coaches or parents (Youth), captains (adult teams), must leave a form of identification with the Game Coordinator to receive the participation penny. The ID will be returned to the coach, parent or captain when the penny is turned in after the game.

If a player's shirt no longer fits into the guidelines above, the player will be charged $10 and issued a replacement shirt.


What size is a sand soccer pitch (field)?


Sand soccer pitch varies for the different ages of sand soccer players 

Soccer fields vary in size. Under 8, Under 10, the soccer pitch is 73 feet by 73 feet.


All other Thunder Beach age groups will play on a field that is 135 feet by 73 feet.