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Thank You!

Thank you for choosing to play with Thunder Beach at Park Lanes. Both

Thunder Beach and Park Lanes want you, your family, friends and

co-workers to enjoy your time at our complex. We will work very hard

to make your experience a great one.


Directions To Thunder Beach

Thunder Beach is located at 7701 Renner Road. 913-238-0034 We are right off

435 and Midland road. When you get off 435 go East to Renner Road (approx.

2 blocks)Turn south and go up around the hill. We are right across the street

from Shawnee Mission State Park.




Complex Rules

• Everyone watches and plays at their own risk!



• It is each individuals responsibility to check out the Thunder Beach facility, the playing conditions, and the programs, and to report their concerns if any, to

the Thunder Beach representative at that complex and then refuse to play or

participate in any manner, in a Thunder Beach or our affiliates programs, until

such concerns or conditions have been taken care of to the person submitting

the concern(s) personal satisfaction.


  • Adults that bring children into a Thunder Beach complex or our affiliates business to which Thunder Beach is connected are solely responsible for the health and safety of those children. Know where these children are at all times.


• If you are going to say anything to anyone while you are at a Thunder Beach

complex, it must be positive... even if you are talking to your wife, husband, best friend or co-worker.


  • Unsportsmanlike: There shouldn't be any. Have fun! Laugh a lot! Let your hair down and participate in the different contests.  


  • No outside food or beverages may be brought into Thunder Beach. There is one exception; Only small 16 oz. bottles of water may be brought into the Thunder Beach complex. All other food and drink including energy drinks, Gatorade, must be purchased from the existing business that Thunder Beach is working with at a particular location.



Thank you for playing with Thunder Beach! We appreciate you!