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What types of leagues are there
Open Leagues:  Leagues open to the public everyone can play :
Speciality Leagues: These leagues can be set up for a business, church, apartment complex, home owners association or any group of people that want to have their own league and that can roundup 6 to 8 teams. Note, if you try and get a league together and you do not get  6 or more teams , we will simply include your teams in our open leagues. Everyone will still have a great time!


If you are an HR director, social committee at a business ,  a church pastor or group chair for activities ,  single or  divorced adults, an  aprartment  concierge, president or social hair for a neighborhod  organization or group  looking for an outstanding  program that doesn't have to cost the business, the church, the apartment or the neighborhood association any money . Thunder Beach can make you look like a WINNER! 

• You choose the night and time you want to play and if it is available, we will block that night and time off on our schedule and we will work with you to help you recruit teams from your business, church, apartment complex, home owners association or group. 

It's simple, easy to do, no headaches or hassles ! 

Special Digital Message: All you do is put a special message ( we have one for you) into your employee digital mail, bulletin, apartment monthly resident e-mail or neighborhood association  news letter.

 Thunder Beach will do 99% of the work and you will get all the credit ! 

Everything is done electronically  we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Thunder Beach  Special Marketing Packet and Program .
Thunder Beach has a special marketing packet for each type of group





Why play at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes?   IT'S A GREAT WAY TO NETWORK







Why play at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes?


You can play for the FUN of it or play for the thrill of it!' ™ 

Everyone can play regardless of their athletic ability. From very relaxed competition to pure volleyball, we have something for every person regardless whether they have ever played organized volleyball before (recreational level), to the person who has played in a competitive indoor volleyball program (competitive level).

Thunder Beach programs give husbands and wives, and friends something they can do together that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Thunder Beach gives everyone something they can look forward to each week and if they can’t make it some week, they can round up a neighbor or co-worker and send them to play. Teams have an unlimited roster once their team entry fee has been paid.

Thunder Beach gives everyone something positive to talk about with their family and friends. After the games it’s great to see teams sitting around on the patio or deck, eating and enjoying their favorite beverage, and reminiscing about their great plays they made that evening. 

Kids are welcome. They can have fun outside at the sand volleyball courts or they can go inside and bowl a couple of lines  or play games in the arcade while their parents play sand volleyball.


Why play at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes?  
 • It's Fun!    More Relaxed then other Places! 
 • Bigger is not always better !  
 • You get to know your volleyball coordinator because he / she is right
    there next to the courts and can answer your questions. 
 • Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes is large enough for an 8 team league each
     hour and small enough to treat you like family you love to see   


Why play at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes? Most of our leagues are  8 TEAM LEAGUES NOT 6 TEAM LEAGUES

Our programs are planned for 8 team leagues, not 6 team leagues like some other places. You play more teams and meet more people at Thunder Beach 

Why play at Thunder Beach? THE COST OF THE Programs! 

Thunder Beach costs between $20 to $40 less per season then other places . Low prices born at Thunder Beach and raised elsewhere!™                                         

Why play at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes? BETTER COURTS! 

Pro Beach Power volleyball standards and nets State-of-the-art sprinkler systems and can completely water each court in 5 minutes Sand raking machine that is specifically made to rake sand.  This machine is lighter then a tractor, so it does not compress the sand and it has both a hydraulic rake on the back and a scraper underneath the machine to cut the sand  and turn the sand in-order to make it softer. 

Outdoor bar, patio and deck is a lot closer to the action, and in 2015 the outdoor bar will have dynamite food, drink and shot specials each night Courts are right off the patio and deck so you don't have to walk so far to the courts, plus your family and friends can sit on the deck and watch your game


Easy to get there and easier to park

       Park Lanes Family Fun Center
       7701 Renner Road - Shawnee, Kansas



Please Note: Thunder Beach also has a second location in the Kansas City area at Aaron's Family Fun Center in Belton, MO. at 17070 Aaron Lane, Belton , Missouri


 Registration:  Individual or team registration available

 Business, church, apartment complex, home owners association You can register as an individual and we will try and place you on a team from your business, church, apartment complex, home owners association or you can register an entire team from your business, church, apartment complex, home owners association.


If you are registering to play in an open league ( leagues other then a league sponsored by a business, church, apartment, home owners association) simply go to the top of this page and click the home page and then go and hit the register button and follow the prompts 

Why play at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes?


Our tournaments are more FUN. Once players are finished in pool play we take the top 2 teams in each pool and they play in a Champions Bracket and we take the bottom 2 teams in each pool and they play in the Competitors Bracket. Top teams play against top teams and less competitive teams play against less competitive teams. 

More winners! More games!

More compatible competition equals more fun

When do the 2019 programs start at Thunder Beach @ Park Lanes?


Summer 2019 Session: June 8 to August 3rd 

Fall 2019 Session: August 4 to Sept 27


What days of the week does Thunder Beach have leagues?

Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  

Friday is reserved for corporate parties, picnics, family gatherings, special events, fundraisers, special league play and tournaments.





“Play for the Fun of it, or play for the Thrill of it“ ™

Recreational is for people who just want to have fun! It is more social then competitive. This level is for people who like to compete, but do not know all the rules of pure volleyball and they do not care to have every little mishit called a violation.  We call it FUN volleyball. There are no referees blowing whistles. Players in this type of play usually send the volleyball back over the net on the first or second hit without bumping it to another player on their team. 

Lots of laughs! Lots of fun! 


Why People Play Recreational Sand Volleyball?

More social then it is competitive 

Play as you would at a friend’s cabin on a holiday

Play is usually characterized by a player batting the ball over the net on the first hit.

No  referees blowing whistles 

Lifting/carrying is seldom called (hand offs are called)

6x6 coed (3 men & 3 women) is the ideal number o men and women on the court. However, in 2017 our coed rules will allow one more man on the court then there are women on the court.  If you are short people  just ask a friend or neighbor to fill in

If your team is still short, you can ask if another team has players you can use as a sub to fill out your team for that night.


Why People Play Recreational Sand Volleyball?

Something husbands & wives, friends can do together on a weekly basis.


Why People Play Recreational Sand Volleyball?

Usually one of the people in a relationship is far less competitive then the other, but since players at fun/rec level are more concerned with doing something with their spouse or friends: Winning is not the most important thing

Meet new people and make new friends. 

Sit around after the game on the  outdoor patio or deck sip their favorite beverage, enjoy a bite to eat and visit with their friends, family, co-workers


Why People Play Intermediate Sand Volleyball?

You want to play a much better brand of sand volleyball then is normally played in the recreational 

The intermediate level of play is characterized by at least 2 hits on a side and more often then not, 3 hits on a side before sending the ball back over the net. At least , Bump, set and most often, an attempted spike. 

Intermediate players have played a lot of volleyball and they want to play competitive, but their spouse or girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend is not quite as capable so they play intermediate with that person rather then playing power.

Players that play down in the intermediate level must understand that intermediate players do not always make the correct hits and play on unless the violation is horrendous.


Why People Play Competitive Sand Volleyball?

They want to play pure sand volleyball, USAV Beach rules

Have played recently in an indoor hard court intermediate or competitive volleyball Programs  

Willing to call illegal touches, hits, carries on themselves 

No whining when another team calls them for illegal touches, hits, carries


What types of Competitive Sand Volleyball Programs are there at Thunder Beach?

Spring 2019

       6x6 coed (3 men & 3 women ideal ) Note: New rule in 2019: teams may now play with one
       more  man on the court then they have women to have a legal game. Example: a team may have 
       3 men on the court and only 2 women. 
4x4 (any type: men's, women's , mixed  )


Summer & Fall 2019

       6x6 coed (3 men & 3 women ideal) Note: New rule in 2019: teams may now play with one more 
       man on the court then they have women to have a legal game. Example: a team may have 
       3 men on the court and only 2 women. 

       4x4 (any type, men's, women's , mixed )

       2x2 (any type, men's, women's , mixed )


What types of play on each day?






       • 6:40                 • 7:30               • 8:15             • 9:00               • 9:45

      Recreational             Recreational         Intermediate        Intermediate          Intermediate

        6 x 6  Coed            6 x 6 Coed             6 x 6  Coed          4 x 4 Any Type        2 x 2 Any Type               

        Cost $40                Cost $40              Cost $40              Cost $40                   Cost $40

        a player                 a player                a player              a player                     a player





       • 6:40                 • 7:30               • 8:15             • 9:00               • 9:45

        Recreational              Intermediate         Intermediate        Intermediate       Intermediate

        4 x 4  Any Type        6 x 6 Coed             6 x 6  Coed          4 x 4 Any Type    2 x 2 Any Type                

        Cost $ 40                  Cost $40              Cost $40               Cost $40             Cost $40
        a player                    a player                a player                a player              a player





       • 6:40                 • 7:30               • 8:15             • 9:00               • 9:45

        Recreational           Recreational         Intermediate        Intermediate         Intermediate

        6 x 6  Coed            6 x 6 Coed           6 x 6  Coed           4 x 4 Any Type      2 x 2 Any Type                  

        Cost $ 40               Cost $40              Cost $40              Cost $40                Cost $40
        a player                 a player                a player               a player                 a player





       • 6:40                 • 7:30               • 8:15             • 9:00               • 9:45

       Recreational            Recreational         Intermediate        Intermediate          Power

        6 x 6  Coed            6 x 6 Coed           6 x 6  Coed           4 x 4 Any Type      2 x 2 Any Type                 

        Cost $40               Cost $40               Cost $40               Cost $40               Cost $40
        a player                a player                a player                 a player                a player




Friday is reserved for corporate parties, picnics, family gatherings, special events, fundraisers, special league play and tournaments.


How many Games in a Sand Volleyball match? 

There are 3 games in  match.  The first 2 games are to 21 points . The Third game is to 15 points.   All games are rally scoring . You do not need to win by 2 points inany game.

How long is each season :

Sessions are 8 weeks Long , 

 At the end of each league there will be a tournament on a Saturday for the top 4 teams in each league night and a Thunder Beach Party for all our teams on that Saturday night with a Dj. . Each player will be given 2 beverage tickets for either a soda, bottled water, or beer.  


 Are you looking for a place for your charity to host a fund raising  tournament . Give us a call 888-710-7263 Tim McCormack 


In 2019 there are 3 ways  to register for a program?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

1. Go back to your business, Church, Apartment complex, Neighborhod association home page and look up the title:  Summer Fun! Click on that link and it will take you to a registration page. Fill out the information , sign the Thunder Beach waiver, see whether there is a cost to participate, if there is, pull out the credit card , pay your individual entry fee, hit submit button and your done. you are now ready to meet new people and make new friends and to have a ball playing fun sand volleyball. Once the registration period is concluded, Thunder Beach will contact you by e-mail with your team, your team schedule and a list of FAQ's ( frequently asked questions)


2. Register on line at this website. 

     Go back to the home page and then go to the top right corner and click on ‘register’ and
     fill out the needed information.  

     Your night/time will be reserved upon payment via credit card. 

     You will receive an email confirmation of your registration. 

     No registration is complete without full payment.


3. Register over the phone with a credit card. 888-710 -sand (7263)


4*If you need help registering online , or you have any questions you can call us -
888-710- Sand (7263)

Captains's it is your responsibility to see that anyone, and everyone, who plays for your
team goes on line to and  completely fills out the team roster and release form and signs off that they have read, understand and agree to the terms of participating in any of the  Thunder Beach programs , activities or special event.


Directions on how  players register for their team and fill out the team

 roster, release and waiver form on line and  pay their individual entry fee.

• go to
• scroll across the menu at the top of the page until you reach team
• Click on team and scroll down and click on roster & release form
• Fill out all information

• Read  the waiver form
• Sign form electronically

• Hit submit it will take you to the payment form. Fill in all  the information
   and hit check out.

• You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have completed your registration


Social Media: You are the Star!

It’s our goal to have our volleyball coordinator take pictures of people at Thunder Beach playing, sitting on the patio and outdoor deck having a good time


Can we play at Thunder Beach if we are not in a program?

Yes, you can. We rent open courts for $25 dollar per hour per court without lights, and $40 an hour per court with lights.  We also host other events. Special discounted rates for company parties, picnics, Saturday leagues or tournaments.  Availability varies based on program schedules, so call 30 days ahead and we will help you find a time that works for you!


Thunder Beach is all about people having FUN.

Check out one of our most important rules below...


If you are going to say anything to anyone at Thunder Beach it must be positive; even if you are talking to your wife, husband, or friend. Keep your language clean and your comments decent.


Weather: Questions about whether or not games are being played 


Please go to the our website: thunderbeachparklanes.comwhere the weather message will
scroll the across the top of the page:

       •     Games being played

       •     TBD: plan on being present at game time, but check  back a half hour before you come
              out to play.

       •     Games being played, but backed up

       •     Canceled! Games will not be played that evening.


Game Time

Teams should plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before their scheduled game time to start their game on time

If you are going to be short players just ask someone to sub in for the night, the person who the new player is subing in for should tell the sub how to go on line and  sign in on a team roster and waiver and release form . This helps the player so he/she does not have to do it once they get to the Thunder Beach complex and have to do it on their phone before they participate in a game or activity.


Check In

Teams must check in with the Thunder Beach volleyball coordinator each night when they arrive to play their match to let the VBC know that their team is there and to let the VBC know if your team has any subs that need to sign the Thunder Beach roster and release waiver. 


Mikasa: The Official Thunder Beach Game Ball

You can always bring your own volleyball for warm up/practice.  Mikasa VL3000 is the official Thunder Beach game ball that teams must use for their games and they can check one out from the volleyball coordinator.


Checking Out Volleyballs

The team captain or their adult representative may check out a numbered Mikasa game ball by leaving their driver’s license or a set of keys. When you return the game ball with the correct number on it our volleyball coordinator will return your keys or your driver’s license. We suggest that you turn in a set of keys for the ball. You won’t be able to get into your car and go home without your keys.


What are the coed rules?

NEW RULE 2019 : Coed teams CAN HAVE ONE MORE MAN ON THE COURT THEN THEY HAVE WOMEN. EXAMPLE: A TEAM CAN HAVE 3 MEN AND 2 WOMEN AND PLAY SHORT. TEAMS CAN NEVER HAVE 4 MEN  AND 2 WOMEN AND PLAY A LEGAL GAME.   It is not unusual to see all teams with 3 women and 2 men and one sub ( either a man sub or another woman sub) playing in coed programs. Coed rules also state that if a ball is hit more than once per side, than a woman must makeat least one of the hits.

SPENCER'S RULE: If in a coed league a team has 4 or 5 women and just 1 or 2 men, if there is more then one hit, a man must make one of those hits before the ball is returned to the opponents side.


Can we play with less than 6 people in the coed 6x6 programs?

Yes, as long as you have at least as many women as men on the court. For example, you could play with 5 as long as 2 are women. Teams must contact the Thunder Beach volleyball coordinator to help find them a substitute.  You can play with 2 men and 2 women on an occasional basis.  The team that is short players must play the ghost rule.


Forfiet Policy

This policy is in place to handle and address all teams that need to forfeit and how they go about doing it. This policy will also address teams that have a forfiet against them. 

 Please be considerate of others and proactive. The goal of any team or league is to play actual games and not have forfeits so if at all possible, either get subs to show up and play for you ( you have an unlimited roster) or let Thunder Beach office know and then call your opponent and let them know. 

 If your team needs to forfeit and you are willing to try and get subs, here is what to do:  Talk with your neighbors, friends, co workers and ask the to fill in for you:

Directions to sign the Thunder Beach Roster and Release Form:

Go on line to the Thunder Beach Park Lanes Website:
Scroll across the top menu to team.
Click on team and scroll down click on Release 7 Waiver form.
Fill in information: Read waiver, if agree to requirement to participate, click box and submit 

If you can not find subs here is what you should do.

Call the Thunder Beach office 913-238-0034, let them know your team can't be there and you need to forfiet. Ask Thunder Beach to provide you with your opponents' team captain's information so you can call that person and let them know your team will not be there and that they can still show up and play and that they should try and  ask their family, friends and coworkers to come play. 

If your team is unable to find subs, your team will receive a lossess for scheduled games . if you forfeit more than once during the season you may be removed from the league. 


Does Thunder Beach offer food and beverages?

Thunder Beach doesn’t operate the bar or the food program at the Thunder Beach complex location;  Park Lanes does.

Improvements have been made to provide our customers with easier access to food and beverage service. 

Nightly food and beverage specials 


Thunder Beach and Park Lanes host corporate events. Whether it is a wellness program, team building, corporate party, or anything else, Thunder Beach and Park Lanes would be happy to accommodate your event – 888-710 SAND  (7263)