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Types of Leagues:

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Company or  business league,

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We will do 99% of the work;

You just place a note in your digital e-mail ( we will provide the message ) and

a picture link (Link people can click on that takes them to an informational and sign up

page designed just for your business, church, association, apartment complex ,

social club, or organization) that is secure .  


We will take registrations digitally over a secure network.

We will organize the teams, run the leagues, award the prizes and participating in our leagues doesn't have to cost your company, church , association any money.

 Your company, church, association, apartment or club will appreciate the opportunity to get together outside the office, the church building, the neighborhood or club meeting for a little bit of fun where they can meet new people and make new friends.

Call Tim today at  888-710-Sand (7263). 



Thunder Beach offers sand volleyball in the form of leagues, tournaments, and clinics at various levels of play. We strive to provide state of the art, quality complexes and equipment across the board. From our poles, pads, nets, sand, sports lighting, sprinkler systems, sand rakes, and sound systems, all that we do is aimed at providing our participants with the best experience possible. Our programs are geared toward a friendly type of competition in a family friendly, sociable atmosphere. We want to be the premier place to go for a fun and affordable night out where you can get the exercise you want , have a great time, and meet new people and make new friends. 

 The sand courts are beautiful ,the food is delicious, the beverages are cold. The outdoor patio  and deck is fun before and after the games and the upbeat music will have you toe tapping, and dancing to your favorite songs both on and off the courts.

Thunder Beach runs leagues at various classifications, including recreational ( fun sand volleyball. this level usually sends the ball back over the net with one hit on a side. People like to underhand serve), intermediate recreational ( not quite ready for prime time but know the rules of sand volleyball and like to try and bump, set and return the ball over the net with at least two hits per side) . Power / Competitive sand volleyball ( usually 3 hits to a side. Love over hand and jump serves ). 

Teams who play in our leagues enjoy a friendly type of competition.  Please visit our FAQ's section for all the details regarding our sand volleyball leagues and programs.

Thunder Beach does a good number of weekend tournaments. If your charity is looking for a great fundraiser you should call us at 913-238-0034. Players please check back each week for up coming tournaments and special events.

We will host numerous Adult and Youth sand volleyball clinics throughout the course of the year. If you are a volleyball coach , have a Junior Select Program we would like to talk with you about utilizing our complex for your youth or adult clinic's , practices, tournaments. 

The master schedule for leagues and tournaments can be found off of the home page as those events get set up. If you are a league participant, you can also log in to your account through this website on your pc or mobile device to see your personal schedule. Schedules will also be posted on location.

Like the schedules, standings can be found off of the home page, as well as within your personal account and on location.

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