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                                              THUNDER BEACH
                          3 v 3 SOCCER RULES



Each person must go online to and  register

You can register as an individual / free agent, a small group or an entire team.


 Teams may have an unlimited number of participants. but they must meet or exceed the total team membership or Thunder Beach reserves the right to add free agents or small group to meet the minimum number of roster players which for adults is 6 players and for youth players is 8 players.


There are 3 Adult players on the field  one of which can be a goalie.


There are 4 youth players on the field one of which is a goalie.  All the players must be legal players registered with the Kansas State adult or Youth soccer associations.  


Soccer balls will not be provided for practice or warm-ups but a game ball will be provided 


Scheduled game time is forfeit time. Teams must be at their field before their scheduled game time. 


Shin guards are not allowed. 


Sand socks or sox taped to your leg are allowed.


No Soccer cleats or athletic shoes allowed. 


 Please do not wear any jewelry. Tape may be used to cover jewelry when it is not removable. 


 Games will consist of two 18 minute halves, with a  4-minute halftime. Teams will defend one goal in the first half, and the opposite goal in the second half. 


 In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, both teams will be given 2 points and there will not be any overtime. In tournament any game that ends regulation in a tie there will be sudden-death overtime.  The first team to score being declared the winner. 


Please refer to the regular sand soccer rules for Point System for wins, losses, ties, and forfeits.


 Penalty Cards: Players receiving a red card will miss the remainder of that game as well as the following game. 


All players must be listed on your team roster and have player passes issued by the Kansas State Adult or Youth Soccer associations. 


For more information on protests/use of illegal players, please see the Thunder Beach Beach Soccer  Rules.


 In the event of bad weather, please check the website one hour before your game to check and see if games have been postponed, backed up or canceled. A message will scroll across the top of the website with cancellation or postponement information. 


FIFA: Sand Soccer rules apply except as modified to fit the Thunder Beach program. 


No Slide Tackling: Players must remain on their feet. If they slide to play a ball, they cannot make contact with an opposing player without committing a foul. 


 No Offside. 


Goal Scoring: To score a goal, you must be on the offensive half of the field when you kick (touch) the ball, and the ball must completely cross the goal line. 


Penalty Kicks: If in the referee’s opinion a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction, he can award a penalty kick. It is a direct kick taken from the middle of the centerline, with all the players behind the field line.


 After the kick, the offensive team cannot touch the ball until the defensive team has touched the ball. 


 Five Yard Rule: In all dead-ball situations, the defending players must stand at least five yards from the ball. If the ball is closer than 5 yards from the goal area, the ball shall be placed five yards away from the area. 


Kick-Off: To start the game the kick-off will be from the center line and it  may travel in any direction. 


Indirect Kicks: All dead ball kicks are indirect kicks (kick-ins, free kicks, goal kicks, kick-offs) except corner kicks or penalty kicks. (Indirect means it has to touch another player before it is counted as a goal.) 


Goal Kick: May be taken from any point on the end line or goal area. 


Kick-Ins: The ball shall be kicked in to restart play from the sideline, instead of a throw in . 


Corner Kicks: This is a direct kick taken from the arc in each corner, meaning a goal can be scored directly from the player taking the kick. 


No Goal Keepers: No players are allowed to use their hands while the ball is in play. 


 Substitutions: Substitutes are allowed with the referee’s acknowledgment at any dead ball situation. 


 Field dimensions: 45 yards long by 25 yards wide. 


 Goal Box: Ten feet wide and six feet long directly in front of the goal. 


No player can touch the ball in the goal box area. 


Any player may move through the Goal Box marked area, but not touch the ball.


 If a defender touches the ball inside the area, it is counted as a goal. 


If an offensive player touches the ball, it is a goal kick for the defense. 


If the ball comes to a complete stop in the goal box, it is a goal kick for the defense. 


 Goal: Approximately 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide.