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You go online to

or click here  to go to the registration page



Go to the register button

Select Youth sign up , adult sign up or sign up. 


Youth select the age bracket that applies to you.

Adults select the type of league or organization you wish to sign up for.


Fill out all information completely.

Sign the participation waiver

Put in a picture for your player card

Youth Players put in a copy of the medical form signed by your parent or guardian

Hit submit

Pay your individual entry fee.

( If signing up more then one player , repeat the above process)


Does Thunder Beach Sand Soccer have both girls and boys leagues


Leagues are set up by age group, not by gender. Teams can be all
girls, all boys or any combination of boys and girls.


What are the youth  age groups


U-8 , U-9,  U-10 , U11, U-12  U-13, U-14


What are the age groups that are available to play sand soccer?


Youth:  U 8, U 9, U 10, U 11, U 12,  U 13, U14


We have included a birth year chart to help you apply for the appropriate age group


  • U-8   born on or before 1/1/2012


  • U-9  born on or before 1/1/2011


  • U-10 born on or before 1/1/2010

  • U-11 born on or on or before 1/1/2009


  • U-12 born on or before 1/1/2008

  • U 13 born on or before 1/12007


  • U-14 born on or before 1/1/2006

  • U-15 born on or before 1/1/ 2005


  • U-16. born on or before 1/1/2004




Adult registrations: Go to the register button

Select one: Select the type of organization or group that applies to you and put in all your information, sign the participation waiver, pay your individual fee.



Adult leagues below.

Open league 

Your team is not from a business, church, apartment complex, neighborhood association that is specifically organizing teams to play in our leagues. Your team is a group of friends, acquaintances that have come together  to play sand soccer


Business  Teams / League 
Your business is providing their employees the opportunity to sign up and to play on a company team at Thunder Beach that encourages employees to get active and be social and to meet their fellow company


Apartment Teams /League 

Your apartment complex is providing their residents the opportunity to get social and to meet their neighbors across the hall or down on the first floor that promotes good times and tells non-residents, their apartment complex is the place to live if you want to live in a fun community. 


Church  Teams / league

 Your church is working with Thunder Beach to provide their Church members a social activity outside the church building that provides single church members the opportunity to meet other single church members in a positive environment.  Thunder Beach sport leagues and activities provide husbands and wives night out together on a weekly basis for fun which helps strengthen a marriage. Church members of all ages can meet other church members where they can build lasting friendships.


Neighborhood Associations / Leagues

How many people have never taken time to meet their neighbors across the street or down the block? Thunder Beach is working with neighborhood associations to change that! Neighborhood associations are now promoting the Thunder Beach sports programs and activities as a way for neighbors to meet one another, have a few laughs together and become more engaged in their neighborhood.


In most of our programs, there are two levels of play.


Recreational: Play for the fun of it.


Premier: Play for the thrill of it.



Select the type of sign up that applies to you

Please make sure that whatever level of play you sign up for (recreational or premier (power) you both are capable of playing at that level.


It is no fun for anyone if you can't play at the level you sign up for or that you are better then everyone else and you think by showing off people are going to say what a good player you are.


Be honest! Play at the level you should.


Thunder Beach reserves the right to move a player from one level of play to another separating you from the person you signed up with if your level of play is either too good or too bad for the level you signed up for.

Understand,  we have to find a team, up or down a level of
play that has an opening on their team to accommodate the move., If there isn't an opening to move you, you will have to sit out the remainder of the season and there is no refund of any fees that you paid.


You can sign up as: 


INDIVIDUAL SIGN UP ( called a Free Agent )  


You want to play but you only have yourself so enter as an individual/ ( Free Agent )  and we will place you on a team





You and your friend, want to play on the same team so you can register as two people and we will place you together with free agents or a small group to make up a team. 




You have enough people for a full team.
Great!  If you would like to add a couple of players to make sure you have enough
people so your team never forfeits, just let us know and we will help find players for your team.




                Drop Down Menu 


Once you click the type of group you are signing up for, a drop-down menu will appear asking you questions. Fill in information



If you are the captain of the team, once you have put in all your personal information sign the Thunder Beach rule of participation ( waiver form). 



The Thunder Beach Release / Waiver form.
You read and check that you agree to the terms of participation in a Thunder Beach program, league, activity or special event.


After you have checked the Thunder Beach  Release and waiver form, you will then proceed to check out and pay your individual participation fee.



Let Thunder Beach help you solidify your
                       team roster


Once you have paid your registration you click on add an additional player and you go back in and put in the next team member you would like to have play on your team. List all the information you can for this person, a name, phone and e-mail is a must and Thunder Beach will send that person an invitation from you to join your team. 


When you reach the check out you do not necessarily have to pay for that person's participation fee.


Once a person receives your invitation to join your team, that person will go online to,


That person will then go across the top menu and find team, click on team and a drop down menu will pop up.


That person will then select the night and time and then click on th,e team name and a drop down with your team roster will come up .


The invitee will click on his/her name and then fill out all the information sign, the participation wiaver and then go to the check out to pay his/her participation fee. 


Once that person has completed their registration, that person, you, and Thunder Beach will receive a confirmation of that person's sign up.  



 List the names, phone numbers and personal e-mails for people you would like to have on your team and Thunder Beach will send those people an invitation to join your team.




 Invite a lot of people to play on your team.
you will always need subs and having the excuse of playing on your team provides you the opportunity to open the door to becoming good friends. 


Would you like to meet someone

in your office or that you have met some place other then your office that you would like to get to know? Invite this person to be on your team. 



               INFORMATION HELP


Thunder Beach will provide each

invitee Information on how to go online , register, and input all their roster information, check the box that they have read and agree to the Thunder Beach league waiver and release form, and asking them to pay their individual player fee.



The team captain can go on line at any time

And see which of the team roster people have completed their registration so they can personally contact people who have not yet completed their registration.


Registration closes/ Merging Individuals
                      making teams


Once Registration closes if your team still needs a player or two, Thunder Beach will put together those people that signed up as individuals and those people that signed up as small groups and make teams. 



      Notifying you and your team members
          team makeup & team schedules  




Once Thunder Beach has put all the teams together and put together the league schedule,  we will e-mail each participant their team schedules approximately one week prior to the start of the league. 




    Don’t forget to tell the people on your
                          roster about

         OR GOING TO A Post Game Social at
             AT A  Sponsor stablishment