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Where is the Thunder Beach Beach Soccer complex?


Thunder Beach is located at 7701 Renner Road.


If you are using the interstate (435) to get to the Thunder Beach complex, We are right off 435 and Midland road.


When you get off 435 go East to Renner Road (approx.2 blocks)Turn south and go up around the hill.

We are right across the street from Shawnee Mission State Park.


We are attached to the West end of the Park Lanes Bowling Center.






Thunder Beach and Park Lanes are two different businesses.


Thunder Beach has leased the area on the west side of the bowling center and Thunder Beach has built the sand sports complex.







Park Lanes is the only one who can sell anyone at the Thunder Beach sporting events, food and beverages.


No outside food or beverages, please. You can, however, bring in up to a 16 oz bottle of water.


If for some reason Park Lanes does not have an outside bartender for whatever reason, the way to satisfy your want of food and beverages is to arrive early and go inside the building through the glass doors near the Thunder Beach complex entrance and place your food and beverage orders with the inside bartender.


Bring your lawn chairs. You can sit on the patio, outdoor deck and behind the sand soccer field banners on the side of the soccer pitch (s)